Mistranslating Gravity

The body knows graceful movement because graceful movement feels delicious. Nature inherently rewards us when we exist in accordance with it. Movements performed without the self interfering conform to the mechanics of the structure (i.e. muscular-skeletal system & soft tissue matrix) within the field of gravity – i.e. natural movement.

When the “I/me/ego” habituated to moving in a particular manner is absent, such that a space beyond words can arise, the structure (your body) can move itself. And how will it move when you allow it to be in the driver’s seat? In accordance to what is most natural.

This biological intelligence knows how to engage in dialogue with gravity in a very pure way. It did so seemingly without interference when we were embryos and infants. It is always engaged and listening.

Once ego inserts itself into the conversation, gravity is left both mistranslated and undertranslated. Mistranslated when we use unnecessary effort in acting (making prose out of poetry), and undertranslated when we aren’t aware of multiple ways to accomplish the same action (a single interpretation while there are many possible translations).

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