Online Resources

View of Coit Tower from somewhere in Russian Hill (San Francisco, CA)

When I first published this page in 2016, it had 4-6x more links on it. I’ve distilled that list greatly after much investment of personal time and resources. I try to continue and explore and experiment, but what is listed here are the most essential


  • Da Xuan – Da Xuan is the Taoist school I am a student of. this 1,500+ year old family tradition has no shortage of shamanic, body, mind, spiritual, energetic, breath, martial, and embodiment practices – and much much more
  • Da Xuan For All – some of the most fundamental and basic practices of Da Xuan being offered completely gratis
  • Urban Daoist – the blog of Serge Augier, Master of the Taoist school I am in
  • Craig Mallett – Craig is a Da Xuan Instructor based out of Australia and has some public online courses accessible to those outside the Da Xuan school
  • Emmet Louis – Emmet is the Da Xuan Ireland instructor, but has an extensive background in professional acrobatics and flexibility. he has some great resources available for free on his YouTube channel
  • Post Competitive Insight – Chris is one of most creative movement tinkerers I’ve ever seen, her ThinkMovement website is equally as good
  • Stretch Therapy – if you need or want “stretching” as part of your practice, this is the best resource available
  • Center for Humane Technology – the war to combat technology that prevents us from becoming better humans